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We are Borneo Eco Tour based in Pangkalan Bun - Central Kalimantan. Borneo Eco Tour under our legal Company named PT. Borneo Lestari Tour & Travel established in 17 October 2008 by Peltanadanson (Danson). we are member of ASITA (Asociation of Indonesia Travel Agentcy): 026/XIV/DPP/2009. Our main office is on Jalan Prakusuma Yudha No. 12 in the down town and we have Borneo Eco Tour counter in Pangkalan Bun Airport on Arrival room. Regarding our office is in Pangkalan Bun we ensure that once you are in Borneo or Pangkalan Bun we guarantee that you will look after.

cabin room8
We just finished our New houseboat named BorneoEcoTour. Our New houseboat setting up different way than normal houseboat. BorneoEcoTour has one Cabin enough for 2 people + 1 Extra Bed and Open Deck room. in Cabin Room we have Air Conditioning and fan. Regarding we are an Eco Tourism, Air Condition is an optional, you could use them when you fill you need them. we provide fan inside the room. Our bath room for the clients are seperated with the crews. we have hot water for shower and all water on BorneoEcoTour is a clean water we bring from the town as we already setting up big water tank infront of the boat. Open Deck Room is a place where you could stay out under the shelter above the cabin room. At night this place will be seting up as your private room, our crews will setting up your bed and hung the mosquito net. This kind of room is nice for you who want to stay close to the forest and wildlife. during a day time you could see monkey or wild orangutan from it's deck. 


Electricity in BorneoEcoTour we used solar panel energy and the battery. but we also has little generator that we could use if there is not enough light for the panel. Generator only an optional as it will produce carbon and noice on board.


Borneo Eco Tour Team is led by Danson. He come from the Dayak Tribe from his father Dayak Ma'anyan and His Mother Dayak Deah. Danson, who has 4 years experience of working with the Orangutan Project in Tanjung Puting National Park and 2 and a half years experience of working as reasearch assistance for PhD student from Georgia University Named Michael D. Gumert. Danson mains data is on macaque copulation. 2 years experience as a wildlife tour guide in Tanjung Puting National park.

Staff and Guide:

Siti Parida (Idah) is our staff in our office in Pangkalan Bun. She work as our reservation for Tour department. she will work together with our ticketing department to provide a flight ticket for all our clients.

Hany is our permanent tour guide, 4 years as our tour guide. she came from Banjarmasin - South Kalimantan. since 4 years ago she start working with us as our tour guide until today. her knowledge are propound about the nature and orangutan. she has really nice perpormance and very polite as normall Indonesian women.

Nurul is our permanent tour guide, 3 years experience, she start from freelance tour guide and since February 2014 she come as our guide with us. She is from East Java.

Mawardi: A tour guide. 4 years experience, he still our freelance tour guide. he join us since last 3 years ago. he is from Pangkalan Bun and he is still a dayak people.

Andreas is our permanent guide guide. he graduated from Tourism in Jember East Java, his expererience working in the hotel in Bali as chef for several years. he start working with us since October 2012.

Husni is our freelance tour guide, he has more than 5 years working in another company as a tour guide. since 1 April 2014 he start as our freelance tour guide.  

Sahlan is our permanent chef that working with us since 4 years ago. he is really good cook, he learn by him self even he is only graduate from Senior high school but he is really recommended cook. 

we have 3 houseboat:

Borneo Exploration is our first standard houseboat, this boat maximum only enough for 3 person sleeping on the deck with 4 crews: Driver Fery, Assistance, Cook. Little generator is provided on board.

BorneoEcoTour I is our Delxue Houseboat with one Cabin with Fan and AC and Open Deck. this BorneoEcoTour was estabilish in 20 November 2012. Cabin room only enough for 2 person and open deck enoght for 6 person. we provide all blanckets, towels, Hot and cool Water, we also provide Clean Water for shower. Electricity use solar power and little generator. 

BorneoEcoTour II is our newest Semi Luxury Houseboat, we start build this BorneoEcoTour II in November 23th, 2014 this boat will be publish as soon as we done design the interior of the Cabin room. this Houseboat has 2 cabin rooms and each of cabin room has own bath room. each cabin room enough for 2 person + 1 extra bed. 1 restaurant, 1 room for the crews, kitchen and we also have open deck room for the clients.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to provide you with the best services and expertise provided just for your travel needs, and in our goals to protect the Orangutan and local culture of Borneo Heritage. Our goal is to exceed your expectations at every phase of your travel adventure. If you are looking for an experienced orangutan and dayak culture travel agency, look no further!


Best Wishes,

PT. Borneo Lestari Tour & Travel
Alamat: Jl. Prakusuma Yudha Rt.08 No. 12
Kelurahan Raja - Pangkalan Bun - Central Kalimantan

Phone: +62 532-25386
Fax: +62 53229080

Mobile: +62 81349797705

E-Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website : www.borneoecotour.com

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