Dear Danson

Thank you so much for arranging our trip. We had such an amazing time. Enjoyed every moment of it!

Please do not worry about the AC as we much preferred sleeping on the deck of the boat any way.

We were both amazed at the amount of animals we got to see, the trip by far exceeded our expectations!

Agus (apologies if I have spell his name incorrectly) was a brilliant guide, he was especially good at pointing out various animals we would have missed. I feel we got to see much more because he was our guide.

I wanted to say, the food was fantastic. Being vegetarian I often get a very limited choice when we are traveling. But on the boat the food was amazing, we loved every thing we were given. Maybe you could put something on your website about the food offered? Personally this is something we look out for and I'm sure others do also. It was definitely some of the best food we have had on our travels I cannot complement it enough.

We will recommend the trip to anyone heading to Indonesia as you tour is the best. Best organization, best staff, best boat. Best of everything.

Thank you again for organizing this for us.

Lucy and James

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