borneo-eco-tour-testimonyWe visited Kalimantan (Borneo) in March of this year and spent 3 nights, 4 days with Mr Danson's crew aboard one of his boats in Tanjung Puting. Overall, the experience was a trip of a lifetime. We were cared for by a gracious crew that comprised of a captain, co-captain, cook, and two guides. We saw a lot of wildlife, including multiple species of primates, birds, and reptiles.

Staying on the boat was quite comfortable. Whether it was time to dine, sleep, or lounge while boating, the crew arranged the deck to suit our needs. Sleeping on the deck (with mosquito net) was a unique experience -- we saw more stars than we had seen before, and sleeping to natural sounds was very relaxing. We went to bed soon after sunset, and woke up with sunrise.

The meals were amazing. We had a few dietary restrictions, but this did not pose any problems for our resourceful chef.

The days were comprised of boating up the Tanjung Puting, and hiking around the forests. The guides were flexible and responsive to our requests. We saw orangutans, gibbons, proboscis monkeys, turtles, kingfishers, and other forest species. We went to Camp Leakey and to a few orangutan feed stations.

Finally, Mr Danson runs his business very well. At the outset of our trip, a small airline that was scheduled to fly us to Borneo had to cancel its lone flight for the day. Mr Danson made re-arrangements seemlessly: he re-routed us there the next day, arranged for our boat to add on a day at the end for the same total trip duration, re-arranged the flight out of Borneo, and even assisted in arranging our hotel reservations in Bali (where we were going afterwards).

His business model focuses on educating locals on the importance of the rainforest and attempts to incorporate those who might otherwise participate in illegal logging into his productive business. He spends time educating children about conservation and gives money to support his community. We heartily endorse Mr Danson and his eco-tourism company.

Hello Danson,

How are you ?

We’re sorry that it took a little longer than said when we finally got the time to mail you.
Our honeymoon was a journey never to forget!  We are still amazed about the beautiful jungle and its inhabitants, namely ‘the Men of the Forest’. Our trip together with you and the crew of the boat was an unforgettable experience. We enjoyed each moment of it, even the rain
Your experience and your fine explanation about the live and character of the Orang Utans, made it very instructive for us & even our family at home when watching our videos.

You’re a joyful, well studied and kind guide who teached us a lot of new things about all the monkeys in the jungle, and other creatures and plants of the jungle. We will always remember your nice smile and courtesy!!!
We loved every minute of being close to our nearest relatives… the Orang Utan!  Especially Tom made a BIG impression!!!  Please say hi to him. We made a lot of pictures during our tour (600 !!!), and some are real precious to us because you see a lot of details of the small babies.
On Animal Planet on TV we saw an episode of ‘Orang Utan Island’ …of which doctor Nole Nielsson(?) was the founder.   We again dreamed about being in Kalimantan…

Also the fact that you introduced us to Dinson’s family at the dayak’s village, made it very special to us.  We want to thank you again for all the translations, and the guiding around the villages, the good organization and the good laughs we had in the house during the ceremony.
The pictures with all the children at the house, will be framed and enlarged to have a special place in our house, so that a part of Kalimantan is always near to us.
It was a once in a life time experience to be the guest at Dinson’s house, and that we could overnight after the wonderful ceremony he & you organized for us.
The great cooking of Ari made our trip a feast too!  Please say hi to Ari too, he was a wonderful & creative cook!

After the tour in the jungle, and seeing the orang utans, we changed our habits very much at home … no spilling of water, and telling people that we urgently need to change our way of behavior towards nature & animals … each plant is of great importance, each wrong act of human being can have disastrous consequences on the other side of the world.

We really hope that people realize very soon that we should protect every square meter of remaining rain forest in order to keep those habitats for animal.
Danson, you did a great job & we loved having you as our guide!
Some friends of ours are doing a trip now in Indonesia, and maybe they will contact you or already contacted you to do the same tour as us.
We are sure they will enjoy every bit of it too! Their names are Jo & Alexandra Torbeyns.  
We will try to send you pictures by mail, each mail will include one picture … We really hope you receive them and that you can use them for your website.

Kind greetings,

Filiep & Sarah Verhelst-Temmerman

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